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Zelda ,metroid 2, metroid 3, super mario 1-5, kerbys dream land, donky kong 1-3mystik quest, dom 1+2, metal gear solid1 ,legazy of kain 1-3, kerbys dream corse, tekken 3, veglinate 8, twistet metal 1+2,resident evil 1+2+1 direktors cut, soul blade,the crow,deadtrap dungeon, half life 2+2ep1, far cry 1,wolfenstein,alien , Hitman 2, sonic the hedhoge,spiderman 2,pandomenium, rayman 3, crash bandikot 2,splinter cell 1,gears of war, lost planet, x-men 3 ,conker, dead or alive4, gran turismo 2 ,dead rising, tomb raider legend , sin episode 1, constantine, DOOM 3, DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil , quake 4, hl2 mod the rock,prey, rouge trooper, half life 2 lost coast, infernal, resident evil 4, metal gear solid 2, the thing, red ocean, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, dark messiah of might and magic, max payne 2, code of honor,total overdose, mortyr 2,men of valor, tmnt,mdk 2, medal of honor pa,fluch der karibik 3 am ende der welt, tomb raider anniversy, halo 2, far cry instinkt, far cry evolution,halo 1, perfekt dark zero ,blood rayne 2 , darkwatch,F.E.A.R, hour of viktory,red faction 2, earth defence force 2017,projekt snowblind,killzone, resistance -fall of man ,god of war 1, half life 1,call of duty 3, rainbow 6 vegas,the darkness,soul reaver, alpha prime, black, call of duty 2, call of juarez,bioshock,battlefield 2 modern combatt, king kong ,halo 3, quake 4, splinter cell double agent, doom 3 addon, clive bakers jericho, half life 2 ep2,portal, hl2 ep1 , crysis ,call of duty 4, soldier of fortune 3 payback, medal of honor airborne ,prey (xbox 360 ), john woo presents stranglehold,blacksite area 51, uncharted drakes fortune, unreal 3, F.E.A.R extraction point add on, timeshift, unreal turnament 3 pc, kane & lynch, ratchet and clank size matters,half life 2 ep2, call of duty 4, stalker, turok , dark messiah of might and magic ,perry rhodan , army of two, frontlines-fuel of war, turning point fall of liberty, graw 2, rainbow six vegas, haze, army of 2, resistance fall of man,ratchet and clank tools of destruktion, bad company, mgs4, ratchet and clank quest for booty, soul calibur 4




spiele die mich geschaft haben :

shade zorn der engel, bullet witch,


langweilige notfall spiele :

manhunt, the mark, condemned